T-90 Cardboard tank

This video of a T-90 cardboard target tank showed up on youtube a few days ago.  These target tanks are being used by the US 3rd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment and their Bulgarian allies as they practice firing main gun rounds and small arms and crew-served weapons in Bulgaria at Novo Selo Training Area, Bulgaria, June 25.

Edit: Several views have pointed out that this vehicle resembles a T-72M1 much more than it does a T-90.  We agree with them.


  1. I just love videos with no narration that drag on and on and on and on……..


  2. SSSmk2A4 says:

    It’s a 72, not 90. There is no ERA-like parts on it. It’s likely based from older T-72 models.


  3. PETIT Pierre says:

    It’s a sketch of a T72M1 on cardboard not a T90. The schnorkel is on the left side of the turret (built before 1981). On the T 90 the schnorkel is on the bulkhead, as the T72 built after 1981, and there are and smoke dischargers on the turret front bow on the T90.


  4. You are both correct, it does appear to be a representation of the T-72 rather than a T-90.


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