Normandy Tank Museum collection headed to auction

1-2014-10-04-206aa-normandy-tank-museumClassic is reporting
that the Normandy Tank Museum collection is headed to auction.  The Museum, located at the A10 airfield in Catz, France, was created by Patrick Nerrant in 2013.  The contents of the museum are the result of 35 years of collecting on the part of Mr. Nerrant.  Mr. Nerrant is retiring and has decided, along with his sons, that the collection will be sold through an auction by Artcurial Motorcars.  Dubbed the D-Day Sale, the auction will take place on September 18, 2016.

7628130619222116The sale will be presented in 120 lots, including tanks, armored vehicles, trucks, autos, bikes and airplanes from the various belligerents of WW2.  The highlights of the auction include a M4 Sherman tank (105mm gun), M24 Chaffee light tank, Willys Jeep, Flak 36 88mm gun, M8 Greyhound, M5 Stuart light tank, M3A1 Stuart, LVT-4, M7 Priest, M3A1 Scout car, GMC DUKW, and others.  For a full list of the items for sale, check out the Artcurial Motorcars press release on the D-Day Sale.  For those interested in purchasing a vehicle, be prepared to open up the pocket book.  The M4 Sherman is valued at$220,000 – 4440,000 while the M24 Chaffee is valued at $156,000 to $275,000.

normandy-tank-museum-sherman-m4a1Interestingly, no mention is made in the auction press release of the Panzer IV tank that was part of this museum.  Based on the price that other German WW2 tanks have garnered at auction, it’s safe to say the Panzer IV is the most valuable vehicle at the Normandy Tank Museum.  A similar vehicle that was part of the Littlefield collection went to auction a few years ago and  1.5 million and 1.75 million bids were rejected for failing to meet the reserve price!  Granted, this vehicle might not be as valuable as the Littlefield Pz IV due to condition, but it’s safe to say it would command a very good price at auction.

Below is a youtube clip from The Normandy Tank Museum website showing the interior of the museum.


  1. Steve Zaloga says:

    The last time I saw that PzKpfw IV, it was down at the (now closed) Falaise museum. So maybe it is a loaner, and not owned by the Normandy museum?


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