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fb_icon_325x325Want to follow Tank and AFV News.com on Facebook?  Now you can!  For the past couple weeks, we have been posting our website updates onto the Tank and AFV News.com facebook page.  We will be checking the facebook page daily, so feel free to contact us or comment on posts there.


  1. On one of his valuable videos, Nicholas Moran, the Chieftain’s Hatch, posed the question, if I may paraphrase, which USA dominant in the US Army in, before, and after WWII, doctrine or technological development I would say they were predictably interactive. What towers over all other considerations, for any weapons system, is mission. (Ask “Q” of the fictional bond series.) Don’t build a 70-ton tank if there is no demonstrable need for it, and can’t get feasibly it to where it’s needed. Don’t build an amphibious vehicle if you have no need. Those charged with weapons procurement are limited by what is perceived to be needed in the near and intermediate future, but not needed now, as history will show over and over again. Moran also stresses the factor of adequate lead time and limiting time horizons: the perfect weapon arriving after the war is of no value in determining the outcome of the war.


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