Rheinmetall suggests 120mm L55 smoothbore gun for Challenger 2 upgrade

1682579_-_mainAccording to IHS Jane’s, Rheinmetall has proposed replacing the rifled L30A1 gun of the British Challenger 2 with the smoothbore L55 120mm gun.  The Rheinmetall L55 gun is already in service with Canada, Finland, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Qatar, and Spain.  While there has been little significant ammunition development for the British L30A1 gun in recent years, Rheinmetall has developed a range of new ammunition options for their smoothbore gun.  This includes their latest APFSDS round, labeled CM63A1, as well as DM11 programmable air burst ammunition.  Rheinmetall is also proposing a suite of enhancements for the Challenger 2, including new optics, situational awareness systems, and fire control solutions.

Read the full article here.

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