Book Alert: British Battle Tanks: World War I to 1939

On August 25, a new book on British Battle Tanks: World War I to 1939 (General Military) by David Fletcher is being released.  This book is from well known publisher of military history titles Osprey Books and is a hardcover of 236 pages.  While the UK is blessed with many fine authors on tanks and AFVs, David Fletcher is in a class by himself.  For those with an interest in pre-WW2 British tank development, this book should prove a worthwhile purchase.  We have a copy on pre-order, expect to see a review of it here sometime next week.

Publisher’s Description:

When British soldiers charged across the Somme in September 1916 they were accompanied by a new and astonishing weapon – the tank. After a stuttering start armoured behemoths such as the Mark IV, Mark V and Whippet played a crucial role in bringing World War I to an end.

Marking the centenary of their battlefield debut, this comprehensive volume traces the design and development of the famous British invention during World War I and the increasingly tense years of the 1920s and 30s, from the first crude but revolutionary prototype to the ever-more sophisticated designs of later years. Bolstered by historic photographs and stunning illustrations, author David Fletcher brings us the thrilling history behind the early British battle tanks.

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