Photo of the Day: M1 Combat Car

Today’s POTD comes from the Digital Collection of the New York Public Library.  It shows a group of elderly US Army veterans examining what appears to be a M1 Combat Car.  If anyone has any further information about the event shown in this photo, let us know!

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  1. Tough angle, but it looks like there might be enough space between the bogies for it to be a combat car M1A1.


    • Yeah, it’s a bit tough to tell. I dug into my books trying to differentiate all the variations on US light tanks and combat cars of the period. Unfortunately, the only Hunnicutt book I don’t have is the Stuart book, and I hate using the bootleg PDF version of it. My copy of Fred Crimsons US Tracked Vehicles has a few ok pics and descriptions.


  2. I can definitely relate; straining eyes trying to specifically identify a vehicle can literally be headache-inducing. Hunnicutt definitely makes it easier. Another piece of evidence is the registration number, though. Zooming in on the picture on the library site looks like it’s number W-40214. A picture of an M1A1 sequentially numbered W-40215 is available here:



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