Defence Technology Review: Land 400

AAVP-Supplement-cover-lo-res-141x200For those looking to keep abreast of modern AFV development and news, be sure to check out the downloadable magazine Defence Technology Review.  This is an Australian based magazine that started in August of 2014 and publishes monthly.  All issues are available for download on their website.  There are also a number of special supplements, some of which deal exclusively with AFVs.  Since this is an Australian magazine, it naturally focuses on Australian defense issues.  In particular, a good deal of coverage is given to Land 400, the Australian Army’s plan to upgrade their family of armored vehicles.  The special supplements pertaining to AFVs cover the Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle, the Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle and Australian Armoured Vehicle Programs to 2030.

Issues of Defense Technology Review may be downloaded here.

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