Football players crush toilet while riding on “Panzer III” tank

The last couple days there have been a few articles about Seattle Seahawks football players Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner riding on a tank as part of a World of Tanks promotion at PAX West 2016.  We are not exactly sure what PAX is (nor do we care), but we assume it’s some sort of video game convention.  One thing we have found slightly annoying is that several news articles have identified this tank as a real Panzer III.  It is not.  It is a very well done replica, but anyone that knows WW2 German armor well will immediately recognize that the tracks are all wrong.  This vehicle is in fact a reproduction made by Panzerfabrik, a group that creates replica panzers.  The Panzer III is their most well known creation to date.  As far as we know, the only authentic Panzer III in running condition in North American is one stored at the National Armor and Cavalry Museum at Fort Benning.  Considering that one of the football players riding the tank has the last name of “Sherman”, it seems to us that they really should have rented a M4 Sherman tank and gone with the tagline “Richard Sherman on a Sherman.”


    • No need to be rude. I meant to say “Only running Pz III in the North America.” In case you had not noticed, I had linked to the very same Surviving Panzer list that you included in your response, so yes, obviously I am aware that there are other running Pz III tanks in the world.


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