Video: A Rather Battered Looking M3 Grant

This video from late August shows footage of a rather worse for wear looking M3 Grant tank being driven around.  Fortunately, a good deal of information on this vehicle is provided in the description on youtube:

Originally used by the British army in North Africa, this tank sustained battle damage from German anti tank and small arms fire during it’s tour of duty.  After the Germans were defeated in North Africa, a number of these British owned Grants were transferred to the Australian army.  All of these ex British Grants were delivered to Western Australia and that is where they remained for the duration of the war.  All surplus Grants were sold off at disposal auctions state wide. This particular Grant was most probably sold from the wheatbelt town of Nungarin.  It was a farmer who bought T24676 for the purpose of using it to clear scrub and other towing duties around the farm. To lighted the weight of the tank, the turret was removed and disposed of.  Eventually abandoned on the farm, T24676 has embarked on a new lease of life after a collector found her sitting in paddock.  Transported to her new home in rural Western Australia, T24676 will undergo a full ground up restoration.


  1. Gday
    A very interesting photo, I have memories of driving around Victoria & NSW and seeing what were probably AFV hulls in country town scrapyards.

    However, the Australian Army did not receive any AFV from British Middle East stocks. Both M3 Lee/Grants came directly from US factories, as were the Matilda II’s shipped directly from UK factories. As M3 Lee/Grant deliveries began in April 42 and completed around Jan 43 I doubt the British would have been sending large numbers (around 750 units) of one of their effective AFV.

    Its a great website, great to see both historical& modern information.



  2. ps. Dates & data from DUST, SAND AND JUNGLE by PAUL HANDEL. A hstory of Australian Armour 1927 – 1948 (Paul was previously Museum Manager, RAAC Museum Puckapunyal)


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