Video: Hummel Walkaround – Saumur Tank Museum – Musée Des Blindés.

For those looking for some up close images of the World War II era German Hummel SPG at the Musée Des Blindés in Saumer France, this video may be worth a look.


  1. PETIT Pierre says:

    This Hummel belonged to the Art Regt 102 of the 9th PzD. The picture is taken in Nouans. Nouans is not in Normandy but in Maine, and this small village is between Alençon (Normandy) and Le Mans (Sarthe) eastward of Beaumont sur Sarthe the southiest Fortess of William the Conqueror. This picture has been found by a friend, who wrote during the 90′ and fantastic book about the French 2nd and 5th US AD vs 9th PzD, by a peasant of Nouans and when he showed me the picture I identified immediatly the Hummel of Saumur because you can see the hole in the driver place. The peasant told to my friend that the German driver stayed two month on his seat beaheaded.


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