Video: Leopard 2 firing range footage

Tank Nut Dave has posted a number of videos showing Dutch Leopard 2 tanks firing a variety of ammunition types at various targets, including an M113, a Leopard 1 and a car.






  1. Are you sure they are Dutch? Looks like Danish tankers for me…


    • The flag at the beginning of the video looks like a Dutch flag to me, but it’s hard to be sure. It’s possible these are not Dutch tanks, no indication is given in the video descriptions as to the nationality of the tanks.


  2. The text on the videos are definately Danish, not Dutch.

    Not sure which flag you are referring to, but the one on the Leopard 2 at the first video is not a national flag, but the red-white flag you use to mark the position of the firing line in a shooting


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