Book News: Egyptian Shermans by Christopher Weeks

8055122-f23c188bac0ddbf18752541e7f906d47When the topic of Sherman tanks in the Middle East comes up, most people generally think about the Israeli “Super Shermans.”  However, Egypt also operated a number of Sherman tanks in the period of 1949 – 1973.  For those wanting to learn about these Egyptian Sherman tank, author Christopher Weeks has put together a short new book titled “Egyptian Shermans: A Photographic History of the M4 Sherman Tank in Egyptian Service 1949-1973.”  This 38 page book includes a variety of photos showing Egyptian Sherman tanks, including the unmodified M4A4 tanks that made up the early 1950’s Egyptian tank force to the M4/FL10 hybrid (AMX-13 style turret) used in the 1967 and 73 wars.  This book is available through the self-publishing service Blurb.  As such, it’s a bit pricey compared to books from established publishers.  That said, this is the only book on the topic and will most likely provide some fresh reading material for even the most well read of Sherman tank fans.  The book is available here.

Authors Description:

The M4 Sherman tank is one of the world’s most famous tanks, with a long and storied career with foreign armies well into the post-World War II era. One of the least-well known users was Egypt, which used the tank in combat during its 1956, 1967 and 1973 wars with Israel, including its own unique variation with a French 75mm gun turret.

“Egyptian Shermans” is the most comprehensive work in the English language covering the M4 medium tank in Egyptian Army use. Over 45 photographs are featured, the vast majority of which have never before appeared in an English-language publication, including details of vehicle insignia, and rare photographs of Sexton self-propelled guns and a bridging tank used in the 1973 war.


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