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It’s time to catch up with some of the recent posts over at the Below the Turret Ring blog.  We have enjoyed following this blog over the past few months, the blog author does a really nice job describing some of the newest developments in armored fighting vehicles.   We decided that rather than waiting to include these in the next installment of “AFV News from around the Net”, we would give them their own post.  Click on the headline to go to Below the Turret Ring and read the full post.

The Hamza multi-role combat vehicle

hamza-vThe privately-owned Pakistani company Blitzkrieg Defense Solutions – and yes, that is the actual name – has developed a new 8×8 wheeled vehicle. Supposedly it is the first 8×8 vehicle developed in Pakistan. The new vehicle is known under the name “Hamza” and was officially presented at the International Defence Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) in 2016. It should not be confused with the Al-Hamza, a local version of the M113 fitted with a 25 mm gun in a one-man-turret.

Chile to upgrade Leopard 2 tanks

leopard-2-revolutioonAccording to the Mönch Publishing Group, Chile is said to be looking for an upgrade of the Leopard 2A4 main battle tank (MBT) since 2013. Chile is operating the Leopard 2A4 since 2007, after purchasing an initial batch of 128 tanks for less than €1 million a piece – this low price is understood to be the result of political ties and separate contracts for refurbishment. Later the number of tanks has been increased to 140 and then to 172. The MBTs were modified to the Leopard 2A4CHL standard, which has a modified powerpack.

Challenger 2 LEP bidders downselected; tank to get new turret and new gun?

shaun3-1024x651Two bidders for the life extension programme (LEP) of the British Challenger 2 main battle tank (MBT) have been shortlisted by the UK ministry of defence (MoD). The shortlisted companies will be contracted in the next few weeks for the production of two prototypes worth €25.8 million each. After a 24 month long assessment phase, the final production contract will be made with one of the downselected contenders. In case of unforseen issues, a further €7.8 million can be allocated by the British MoD. Originally the contracts were expected to be signed in October, but the project was apparently delayed, so that currently contracts are expected to be signed in December of 2016. The Challenger 2 LEP is part of the Armour (MBT) 2025 project, which is meant to ensure the Challenger 2 remaining competitive in the timeframe from 2025 to 2035.

SidePRO-RPG armor

inpiz9mThe Swiss company RUAG is offering a wider array of add-on armor types for enhancing the protection of older combat vehicles. It offers three main families of protection products: under the SidePRO brand, armor protection systems for protection the vertical aspects of a vehicle (so the front, sides and rear) are offered, while the RoofPRO brand includes protection systems for the vehicle roof. Lastly the MinePRO brand contains protection solutions for wheeled and tracked vehicles against IEDs, anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.


  1. About the chilean Leopard 2:

    Being true the altitude issues on the engines operation, the real problem in the Atacama Desert is the “chusca”, a very, very, VERY thin sand, like talcum powder, extremely abrasive, that penetrates on every mechanical system, including engines, rifles, air ducts, etc, producing like consequense, a big reduction on the maintence cycles and the necessity to equip special filters to deal with that.


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