Sherman Tank vandalized in Indiana is reporting that a Sherman tank on display at the Memorial Park Veterans Memorial in Huntington Indiana was defaced with racist symbols.

huntington-vandalism-kkkThe city of Huntington’s City Services department learned Monday that the Sherman tank at the park had been tagged in white spray paint with “KKKK,” a common nod to the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. In a Facebook post, the city said the graffiti was part of a “wave of vandalism” around the city and called the markings on the tank “most troubling.”

Bob Caley, the superintendent of Huntington’s City Services, told NewsChannel 15 on Tuesday that he’s not sure when the vandalism happened. Caley said he’s “very disturbed” by the message, especially considering what the tank and the memorial stands for.

Caley said a crew was sent to the park to begin removing the graffiti early Tuesday. He said the job will be difficult, and some of the original paint on the tank had also come off during the cleaning process.

This particular tank appears to be an M4A1 (76) with HVSS suspension. This particular variant of Sherman tank is quite common in Indiana, with examples on display in Griffith, Crown Point, Muncie and Scottsburg.


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