Photo of the Day: Merry Christmas from a M3 Lee!

This photo comes from  Pictures of the world by royston colour.  It shows Santa trading in his Sleigh for a M3 Lee Medium tank.


Photo Description:

US Sgt. Hiram E. Prouty (20344717) of US 175th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division dressed as Santa Claus arriving on a late production M3 tank (W-3,028,835) “Buccaneer” at Camp Perham Down, Wiltshire, England. December 1942

Sgt. Prouty was with the 175th, in the 29th Division’s reserve, which landed on the still unsecured Omaha Beach on the morning of 7 June, and proceeded to its objective to seize the village of Isigny. It pushed through Isigny and crossed the Vire River and on to St Lo. The 175th fought stiff German resistance hedge row by hedge row. The 1st Battalion, 175th Infantry pushed the American lines to within three miles of St Lo, creating a salient into the German lines. The unit defended the high ground, known as Hill 108 but nicknamed “Purple Heart Hill” as they were surrounded on three sides.
The regiment was rotated into the division reserve for the final thrust into St Lo. The 175th fought in Normandy until the end of August when the division was moved to Brittany to participate in the capture of Brest and the German submarine pens located there. Following the Battle of Brest, the division was moved to the Netherlands to participate in the 9th Army’s drive to the Rhine River. The regiment played a significant role in capturing Jülich followed by the occupation of the industrial center of Mönchengladbach. The regiment was moved to occupy the lines along the Elbe River near Felberg. On 2 May 1945, a patrol from 3-175 Infantry made contact with elements of the 28th Company, 6th Guards Cavalry of the Russian army. Following the surrender of the German army, the regiment remained in Europe until 1 January 1946.

Hiram E. Prouty 28/1/1918 – 1/12/1975

(Photo source – U.S. Army Signal Corps)


  1. Mighty_Zuk says:

    Zuk here;
    Netherlands to become first NATO member to use hard-kill APS on its CV9035 vehicles.
    Exciting stuff!
    Deal was signed with BAE in partnership with IMI which would supply the Iron Fist APS.
    Supposedly finalized in 2018.


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