Photo(s) of the Day: Heidi

Over at the AFV News Dicussion Board, user “clausb” posted these rather intriguing photos from the Bundesarchiv website of what looks like a German A7V .  Another forum member provided some information on this vehicle, quoting the authors Hundleby and Strasheim who state:

“In January 1919 a modified A7V minus gun but with four revolving machine gun mounts, one on each corner, was used by the Freikorps in Berlin. This machine was not an original A7V, as various details show, but a Geländewagen of the Tank Training Detachment fitted with surplus armour plates, possibly from 524, A7V-U…This vehicle was used only on a few occasions. It was later named Heidi, and for some time was commanded by 2nd Lieutenant Theunissen. In July 1919, the tank was required to be delivered to the Allied Control Commission, but was afterwards scrapped, of which there is photographic evidence.”


  1. Neal Gunderson says:

    From the more recent Strasheim and Hundleby’s Sturmpanzer A7V: The two A7V Uberlandwagen tacked lorries that were built as signals tanks during WWI (never saw action) were converted to riot control vehicles after WWI. One of these, carrying the number ’54’ saw action on 15 January 1919 and one vehicle named ‘Heidi’ was used in May 1919.


  2. Good folks at that board. 😉


  3. Vincent MARLIERE says:

    Good evening everybody. Is it possible to known the color of the “54” ? Green or Grey ? Thanks.


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