Photo of the Day: M3 Grant Turret for Sale

Need to find a gift for that hard to please tank nut in your life?  Ebay is listing the turret from an M3 Grant on sale for a paltry $35,000…



  1. Mark Neukom says:

    Walter, this is a very interesting piece. At first glance, I thought this must be the Grant prototype turret, given the welded-over loader’s hatch. I’ve only seen photos of one other Grant turret with a loader’s hatch: in Hunnicutt’s “Sherman” p58 . . . what I had always assumed was the prototype turret, since it was mounted on an M2 Medium Tank hull. However, both of these turrets are different, the Hunnicutt example having a large circular hole on the front roof of the casting between the loader’s hatch and the 2-inch bomb thrower (a periscope mount? ventilator mount?). This e-Bay turret has no such hole in the casting. The seller describes this as an early-model turret due to the hatch; I never would have thought there would have been more than one style turret (outside of the ‘prototype’ as seen in Hunnicutt). This is a very interesting find.

    Are there any photos out there of production Grants mounting this style turret with the loader’s hatch?



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