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Here is another collection of recent news articles involving armored fighting vehicles.  One quick note about news sources.  In general, we try to avoid linking to RT or Sputnik International since their articles often are rather biased.  These  two news entities are essentially mouthpieces for the Putin regime, and have been criticized as propaganda by many Western journalists and scholars.  The inclusion of at Sputnik article in this list should not be construed as an endorsement by us of Sputnik International.  Simply, we thought it was an interesting news piece and offer it to our readers with a warning to take it with a grain of salt, acknowledging the problematic nature of the news source.


Defense News – Japan Unveils Armored Vehicle Prototype for ‘Counter Island Invasion’

download-2MELBOURNE, Australia — Japan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) has unveiled a prototype eight-wheel drive armored personnel carrier (APC) as part of a research project for a new class of modular vehicles.  The project, known for now as the Wheeled Armoured Vehicle (Improved), will eventually lead to a new vehicle type to replace the Type 96 eight-wheel drive armored personnel carrier in use by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF).  The new vehicle will feature improved protection against a variety of threats such as improvised explosive devices, versatility and room for future growth in capabilities compared to the Type 96 it is replacing. It will also be fitted with a more powerful engine and a strengthened suspension to cope with the increased weight and payloads.


Sputnik International – Thailand Says ‘No Thanks’ to Ukrainian Tanks, Chooses China Instead

1034993205Thailand’s Ministry of Defense has decided to terminate its contract with Ukraine for the purchase of several dozen T-84 Oplot main battle tanks, citing Kiev’s inability to deliver them on time, according to Thai media reports.  In 2011, Thailand signed a $241 million contract with the Kharkiv-based Malyshev Factory on the delivery of 49 T-84 ‘Oplot’ (‘Stronghold’) MBTs. The tanks were meant to become the backbone of Thailand’s tank forces, replacing the army’s 1957-vintage US-made M-41s, which are set to be decommissioned. However, after being plagued by never-ending problems with the delivery of the Ukrainian tanks, the Thai Defense Ministry has apparently decided to cancel the contract.


Next Reality – HoloLens Can Give Tank Crews 360-Degree X-Ray Vision on Missions

hololens-can-give-tank-crews-360-degree-x-ray-vision-missions-w1456As a commercial and potentially consumer product, one might assume it very unlikely to see the Microsoft HoloLens in the military marketplace. And that assumption would be completely wrong. One company from the Ukraine is currently working on using the mixed reality head-mounted computer for 360-degree vision inside armored tanks.  If a tank crew could see the entire battlefield there are in, they would likely have a better chance of accomplishing their mission and avoiding damage. Tanks are large, enclosed, metal shells, and visibility is a serious concern since each portal that is made for vision potentially weakens the vehicle and endangers the crew within.


UPI – Ukrainian army receives 50 BTR-3 armored vehicles

ukrainian-army-receives-50-btr-3-armored-vehiclesKIEV, Ukraine, Jan. 5 (UPI) — Ukraine’s state-owned defense contractor Ukroboronprom has transferred over 50 BTR-3 armored personnel carriers to the country’s armed forces.  The company completed manufacturing the vehicles in 2016. The products are armed with modernized weapon systems including 30mm guns and additional missile munitions, and were transferred to Ukraine’s army and national guard.  To support the production process, Ukrobornprom established a new manufacturing plant dedicated to BTR-3-related operations. – Army JLTV Armed With Lethal 30mm Cannon

oshkosh-jltv-22Army and Marine Corps may add a more-lethal 30mm cannon to its new JLTV to improve lethality for the emerging high-tech platform and better prepare it for large-scale, mechanized force-on-force warfare.  The Army’s new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle is a new fast-moving armored vehicle engineered to take bullets, drive over roadside bombs and withstand major enemy attacks; the vehicle was conceived and engineered as a high-tech, more survivable replacement for large portions of its fleet of Humvees.





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