Ukraine to Develop Next-Generation Turret for Legacy Tanks

From the Quwa Defense News & Analysis Group comes this article about a Ukrainian company that plans to create Armata-like upgrades for legacy platforms such as the T-74 and T-72.

Article excerpt:

Named “T-Rex”, the turret will seek to emulate the technology feats achieved by the Russian T-14 Armata, most notably the unmanned main turret. As per the Ukrainian news publisher Gazeta, the T-Rex will also offer 360-degree viewing coverage and combat analytics system. The turret will be centered on a 125-mm main gun with a remote-controlled automatic loader and remote-controlled machine guns.

T-Rex MBTs will be manned by three personnel. No time estimates have been provided into when the T-Rex will be prototyped and put into production.

Notes & Comments:

In the backdrop of its tension with Russia, Ukraine has been working to revitalize its defence industry. Its confrontation with Russia contributed to critical delays in the production of Oplot-M MBTs for the Royal Thai Army. However, in 2016 Ukraine succeeded in securing major overseas contracts and partnerships for its initiatives, most notably with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. With a USD $600 million contract for 200 6TD-2 1,200 hp diesel engines and other projects, Pakistan is a major armour client (albeit with the state-owned Malyshev Factory, which is different from Arey Engineering Group).

Read the full article here

Images of the “T-Rex”, click on an image to enlarge it.

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