Book Alert: Panzergrenadier vs US Armored Infantryman: European Theater of Operations 1944 (Combat)

Osprey released a new entry in their “Combat” series this past month titled Panzergrenadier vs US Armored Infantryman: European Theater of Operations 1944 (Combat). For those familiar with the Osprey Duel series, the Combat series is of a similar format but deals with infantry rather than vehicles/planes/ships. While we don’t normally post book alerts for this particular Opsrey series, we included this title since it deals with mechanized infantry and because it is authored by Steven Zaloga, one of the most prolific and well respected historians of AFV history.  This is a softcover book of 80 pages, well illustrated with black and white and color images.

Publisher’s Description:

During World War II, the two preeminent mechanized infantry forces of the conflict, the German Panzergrenadier arm and the U.S. Army’s armored infantrymen clashed in France and Belgium after the Normandy landings. These engagements went on to profoundly influence the use of mechanized infantry in the postwar world. Drawing upon a variety of sources, this book focuses on three key encounters between July and December of 1944 including during Operation Cobra and the Battle of the Bulge, and examines the origins, equipment, doctrine, and combat record of both forces.

With specially commissioned full-color artwork and maps, this study casts light on the evolving nature of mechanized warfare at the height of World War II


  1. Alan Woods says:

    Just finished reading this. Worthwhile getting.


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