M60 in Hannibal NY to be moved

For those that like to keep track of the various armored vehicles on public display in the US, the M60 MBT on display outside the VFW on Route 104 in the town of Hannibal NY is due to be relocated. According to an article in the Buffalo News, a location near the Town Hall was considered, but the final destination for the vehicle has yet to be determined.

51f91538-7267-4bf0-91d0-570c2616a3a2_lA few details remain before West Seneca adds a U.S. Army tank on the Town Hall campus, including where it will go.

Plans show the tank, which saw action in the Middle East, displayed between Town Hall and the West Seneca Library in the Walkway of Freedom complex, once construction on the library addition and renovation are completed.

But Supervisor Sheila Meegan said Monday the proposed spot for the tank might be too close to Town Hall.

“I think we’ll discuss putting the tank on the hill,” she said. “Right now it doesn’t look like the tank will work out.”

“The plan was always to put it in front of Town Hall,” said Jim Manley, chairman of the West Seneca Veterans Committee. “There’s plenty of room out there.”

Read the full Buffalo News article here.

While the article does not note the model of the tank, it appears to be an M60A3 based on the photos of the vehicle available here.



  1. Moved to Hannibal American Legion 9/26/2018.


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