Hey Haynes, you might want to fix this…

We regularly check Amazon to see what books are coming out related to tanks and AFVs.  One that caught our eye is a Haynes Manual for the M1 Abrams MBT due out in June 10.  The book cover struck us as a bit odd…



We think the issue with this cover is fairly obvious (wrong tank).  All kidding aside, we understand this book is still a few months from publication and this version of the cover is probably something that was thrown together quickly as a place holder.  We own several of the Haynes manuals on tanks, finding them to be worth while references.  We will most likely be buying this new book as well when it comes out.   That said, we couldn’t resist poking a little fun at this cover.

Update (2/21/2017) – Well, it looks like they finally got the right tank on the cover.  Now if Amazon would just fix the title in the listing….


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