Publishing News: SABOT purchases Verlinden

According to a post on their facebook page, SABOT publications says that they have purchased Verlinden Publishing and plans to relaunch the Verlinden Warmachine Series.

Statement from SABOT:

17097869_442018192796659_6956954807529505527_oSABOT Publications is relaunching the Warmachines series of photo reference books initially created by Verlinden Publications. SABOT Publications recently purchased Verlinden Publications, including all of its photographs, slides, books, and other intellectual property. We hope to continue the success and variety of titles that the Warmachines series offered. With a couple of new 1/35 scale kits expected to come out on the M1 ABV, this vehicle will be our first book in the new series. The second book will focus on the Stryker MGS in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Warmachines series will be smaller and more focused on a particular topic. The books will be 64 pages in length, with all full color, large high quality photographs, 8.5×11 inches, with minimal text, and retail for US$24.99. These books will really focus on the photos as references. The first two Warmachines will be available by the end of March. They will be available for preorder on the website very soon. Look for more new titles coming out throughout the year!

Sabot also publishes a photo series titled “In Detail”, which we posted about last July.  Since that time, they have released two new entries in that series, M60A2 MBT Volume 2 and M1A2 MBT Volume 2.


AG001-2TFor those interested in WWII Armor history, be sure to check out Kampfgruppe Walther and Panzerbrigade 107 by Jack Didden and Maarten Swarts.  This 440 page book features over 450 photos and provides a day to day narrative for the month long period that this unit existed.  The authors have unearthed many new sources and photographs, from both sides and as a consequence the book contains images of nearly every knocked out fighting vehicle and illustrations showing the composition of the Kampfgruppe, Panzer-Brigade 107, US Task Forces and all the other units involved.

Here is a brief review from the facebook page of Steven Zaloga.

I just got in the second Jack Didden book on German units during Operation Market Garden covering Panzerbrigade 107 in September 1944. This is a massive book, about 430 pages. It is very well printed on gloss stock and very heavily illustrated. The photographic coverage of Panzer Brigade 107 is surprisingly good. There are numerous maps, in color with considerable tactical detail. In spite of the German focus of the title, for anyone interested in the British XXX Corps attack towards Nijmegen, there is very extensive coverage including the most thorough photo of British AFVs in this campaign that I have seen. Overall, a most impressive effort. Not inexpensive. I got mine from RZM Imports in Connecticut to avoid the European postal fees.



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