Photo of the Day: “Five of Hearts”

Today’s POTD is of the Renault FT tank on display at the Ft. George Meade Museum in Maryland. This particular tank, nick-named the Five of Hearts, served with the 2nd Platoon, Co. C, 344th Tank Battalion during the Meuse-Argonne fighting on 4 October 1918. This photo comes from the Facebook page of Steven Zaloga who notes that the camouflage scheme is more typical of the post-war US experimental schemes than the wartime French colors.



  1. I’d really like to see the Mk.VIII they have, but according to the museum website, “Those who are not DoD affiliated personnel must have a valid purpose for entering the installation. Visiting the museum is no longer a valid reason for access to Fort Meade.” 😦


    • Steve Zaloga says:

      Photos of the Fort Meade Mk VIII also appear on FB timeline. I’m not sure that the restrictions still apply if you go to the VCC/Visitor Control Center and get a pass. But don’t try getting on post from the NSA side!


      • Thanks; I’ll look into the VCC pass procedure. And if you never hear from me again…I used the wrong gate! 😉


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