From the Editor: Sherman Tanks of Northern Ohio

On our drive back from the MVPA convention in Cleveland this weekend, we had a chance to check out some of the armored vehicles on display in various towns along the way.  Our stops included three examples of Sherman tanks, all M4A3 models.  These tanks are located at Port Clinton, Parma Heights, and Walbridge Ohio.  We snapped a few pictures of each tank with our Samsung phone, the photos are included in some galleries below.  All three tanks are “small hatch” M4A3 tanks with the narrow gun mantlet.  The Walbridge tank is interesting in that it is a M4A3E9.  This particular Sherman variant had a suspension and drive sprocket that was spaced out from the hull to allow for duckbill extenders to be used on both sides of the track.

According to the US AFV Registry, there are two other Sherman tanks in Northern Ohio that we did not have the time to visit. One is housed at a veterans home facility in Sandusky that requires registration in order to gain access to the grounds.  The other is at a National Guard Armory in Cleveland.


American Legion Post 703 Parma Heights OH



Ohio Army National Guard Armory, Walbridge OH



Camp Perry Military Reservation, Port Clinton OH


From the Editor: Off to Cleveland

Tomorrow morning we will be making the trek to Cleveland to attend the MVPA Homecoming Military Show and Swap Meet at the Cleveland Tank Plant (I-X Center).  We plan to be there Friday afternoon and evening.  If any of our regular readers plans to be there, shoot us a message at



Book Alert: Soviet T-10 Heavy Tank and Variants

A new book on the Soviet T-10 heavy tank is now available courtesy of Ospry Publishing. To those that like reading about tanks, Osprey is primarily know for their 48 page softcover New Vanguard series.  This book however is an entirely different creature, being a hard cover volume of 232 pages.  This book certainly has to be the most exhaustive study of the T-10 published in English.  Two well established authors contributed to this book, the UK based author James Kinnear and US based author Stephen “Cookie”  Sewell.  As with other Osprey hardcover offerings, this is a very handsome volume with high quality paper and numerous photos and illustrations.  If you are a fan of Soviet cold war armor, this title is highly recommended.

Publishers Description:

When it was introduced into service in 1953, the T-10 represented a return to the “classic” Soviet heavy tank. Although considered a major threat to NATO tank forces, it also represented the end of an era. All gun-heavy tanks like the T-10 would eventually be made effectively redundant by later models like the T-62 which had powerful next-generation armament and new ammunition types. The tank was gradually withdrawn from service in the 1970s, though the last tanks would only leave Russian service by decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 1997. As such the T-10 outlived the Soviet state that had created it.

Never exported outside of the Soviet Union and rarely used in combat, the T-10 has remained a mysterious tank, with many of its variants unknown in the West until very recently. This study, written from original Russian and Ukrainian primary source documents that have only recently been made available, uncovers the history of this enigmatic tank using 130 stunning contemporary and modern photographs of the T-10 as well as full color side-view artwork.

Available from Amazon at Soviet T-10 Heavy Tank and Variants

Bovington Tank Museum: Vickers Light Tank Mark IV Restoration

The Tank Museum at Bovington has released a new video documenting the restoration of a Vickers Light Tank Mark IV.  It’s rather fun to see how little this tank is compared to the Leopard 1 tank behind it and Museum director David Willey standing next to it.

Flakpanzer Restoration Video Series

For those that like seeing footage of AFV restoration projects, check out this video series from SABOT Videos showing a WWII era German Flakpanzer being brought back to life by the crew at the CFB Borden Military Museum.

From the Vault: Allison Transmission Newsletters

World of Tanks forum member Volketten shared with us a link to a digital library containing old newsletters from Allison Transmission company.  In regards to tanks and armored vehicles, Allison is primarily known for the CD-850 series transmission found in the Patton and M60 tanks and the X-1100 transmission of the Abrams tank.  We thought these newsletters might be of interest to anyone that had family that worked at Allison or is curious about the history of the corporation.  View the full library here.

We have created a gallery below of the 1952 AllisoNews Special Edition focusing on military transmissions.

The Matilda Diaries Part 13

Episode 13 of the Matilda Diaries, documenting the restoration of the Matilda tank at the Tank Museum at Bovington.

Tank Chats #39 Sherman M4A1 Michael

David Fletcher of the Bovington Tank Museum takes a look at “Michael”, the second Sherman tank ever produced.

British tank crewman killed, three injured in live fire exercise accident

According to the BBC, a British tank crewman was killed and three others injured in an accident at the Castlemartin Range on Wednesday.

_96501485_castlemartinsearchThe Royal Tank Regiment soldier died on Thursday after being injured at Castlemartin Range on Wednesday.

BBC Wales understands that the incident involved ammunition.
Minister for People and Veterans, Tobias Ellwood, said the soldier died with his family “by his bedside”.

BBC Wales understands the soldier died at Morriston Hospital.
Three seriously injured soldiers have been taken to hospitals in Swansea, Cardiff and Birmingham.

One injured soldier is in Morriston Hospital, Swansea, another at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, and the third was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, which has a dedicated wing for treating injured service personnel.

The MoD, Dyfed-Powys Police and the Health and Safety Executive are investigating the incident.

Mr Ellwood said: “It is with deep sadness that I can confirm the death of a soldier from the Royal Tank Regiment who died as a result of injuries sustained in an incident at Castlemartin Range.

“His next of kin were by his bedside and we will be respecting their privacy before further details are released.

“Three other soldiers have also been wounded and our thoughts remain with the friends and families of all those involved.

“The safety of our personnel is our absolute priority and a full investigation is under way to understand the details of this tragic incident.”

AFV News from Around the Web

Another installment of AFV news from around the web. Click in the headline to go to the full article.


Jane’s 360 – BAE Systems takes aim at Czech Army requirement with CV90

p1703957BAE Systems Hägglunds displayed two examples of the CV90 (Combat Vehicle 90) infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) – with one of these being an unmanned turret-equipped model shown for the first time in public – at IDET 2017 in Brno, Czech Republic.  The company has integrated Kongsberg’s MCT-30, with this being the first unmanned turret to be fitted by BAE Systems Hägglunds to a CV90 hull. To accommodate the internal crew and stowage arrangements dictated by an unmanned turret option, the base CV90 all-welded steel hull is raised slightly, with periscopes fitted to provide enhanced situational awareness for the gunner and commander. It is understood that other unmanned turrets can be integrated if required.


Business Insider – The US is looking at a major tank upgrade, but a weapon to counter it is already out there

screen shot 2016-09-08 at 51722 pmThe US Army is considering various systems to better shield tanks and armored vehicles from RPGs, antitank missiles, and other enemy fire.  But the latest version of the RPG, a staple in the arsenals of Russia and other forces, may already be a step ahead of the active-protection systems the US may soon adopt.  The Pentagon has purchased active-protection systems to test out on Abrams tanks and Bradley and Stryker armored vehicles, and may even mount them on lighter vehicles, like the successor to the Humvee, according to a report from Scout Warrior.


UPI – China deploys new tank in Tibet, near India border

China-deploys-new-tank-in-Tibet-near-India-borderJune 12 (UPI) — China deployed its latest military tank, the Xinqingtan, in an area of Tibet near the Indian border.  Chinese news site Guancha reported Monday Beijing is increasing military buildup in Tibet in a show of force designed to deter the Indian military.  An integrated brigade of the People’s Liberation Army in Tibet deployed an unidentified number of the new tanks, according Chinese state-owned television network CCTV.  Guancha stated the Xinqingtan’s technology and firepower is “far more advanced” than the Russia-made T-90S tanks deployed by India.


Jane’s 360 – Argentine Army announces armour upgrade programmes

p1484855The Argentine Army plans to overhaul, modernise, and expand its armoured and transport vehicle fleets, according to Brigadier General Federico Sidders, chief of the service’s Directorate of Plans, Programmes, and Budget.    The plans are part of a wider effort that includes buying a new assault rifle, antitank and air defence weapons, and other equipment, Brig Gen Sidders said earlier this month.  He said overhaul and upgrade programmes are being established for 400 TAM medium tanks and derivatives – including VCTP infantry combat vehicles and VCA 155 mm self-propelled guns – as well as 400 M113 armoured personnel carriers and derivatives.


Daily Pakistan – Video allegedly shows Iranian missile tanks rolling towards Pakistani border

On Saturday, a video emerged that appears to show Iranian tanks and missile carriers being moved to the country’s eastern borders including the one with Pakistan, sparking fears of skirmishes.  The footage – thought to be filmed this week – was shared by Peykeiran with the caption: “Iran’s military movements, displacement of dozens of tanks, armoured personnel carriers, missiles and equipment to the Mirjaveh and eastern borders of Iran.”


Popular Mechanics – These ISIS-Fighting Philippine Tanks Are Clad in DIY Wooden “Armor”

landscape-1496863183-pinoyengineering1New pictures from the fighting between Philippine government forces and guerrillas aligned with the Islamic State show armored vehicles with ad hoc wood armor. The images of the Philippine Army Cadillac Gage V-150 armored car, circulated on Twitter, show it covered with discarded ammunition crates and salvaged wood. The wooden armor is supposed to protect it from man-portable anti-tank weapons— another image showed a RPG-2 rocket-propelled anti-tank grenade launcher captured from ISIS troops.