Video: Inside The Chieftain’s Hatch R35

In this new installment of Inside the Hatch, Nicholas Moran examines the French R35 tank.  Long story short, he is not impressed with this little French vehicle.  The video shows him exploring the exterior of the vehicle and the interior of the turret.  While it is not labeled as “part 1”, we assume there will be a follow-up video showing the drivers compartment.


  1. The driver’s compartment is covered in the report starting at 13:49.


  2. I always thought those French tanks were bad but never realized until now just how bad. I kind of wish I could see you in the radio operator position in the hull of the SOMUA S-35. I sometimes wondered in in the 4 out of 5 vehicles that didn’t have radios if the guy just sat there looking at the front armor. How hard would it have been for the factory to cut a few holes and give the guy a light machine gun or something.


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