Video: Military Museum under Construction

This video showed up last month on Youtube showing a small boy running around a military museum under construction.  According to the description, the boy is the son of the museum architect.  Little other information is given in the video description, although it would appear that this facility will house quite a few tanks and armored vehicles.  The location of this museum is not provided.  Obviously, it’s somewhere in the Middle East (perhaps Egypt?)  If anyone knows the answer, please say so in the comments.  Also, beware the bad pop-music soundtrack to the video.


  1. Massimo Foti says:

    My feeling it’s Jordania. King Abdullah II is a tank nerd and in recent years he managed to acquire some very interesting AFVs


  2. yes, definitely Jordan, a new and very large AFV museum being built. Google will show it, finally we will get to see what he has stashed away : ) . Opens 2018 to the public AFAIK


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