NYT: Mark Renton of the Museum of American Armor

Earlier this month the New York Times ran a profile piece on Mark Renton of the Museum of American Armor at Long Island.  The title of the article is Keeping the Tanks Rolling. Jeeps and Cannons, Too, it’s worth a read.

Article excerpt:

13CHARACTER2-master675OLD BETHPAGE, N.Y. — The well-being of the intimidating fleet of tanks, cannons and jeeps at the Museum of American Armor on Long Island is held securely in the greasy hands of Mark Renton. Mr. Renton is the museum director, though the title might be slightly lofty. After all, he is the museum’s only salaried employee and he cares little for paperwork or administrating.

But if you need someone to drop a new motor in a Sherman tank, or build a 1940s jeep completely from spare parts, Mr. Renton is your man.

In a hangarlike building here, Mr. Renton restores and maintains one of the few operational fleets of World War II vehicles and artillery in the country. There are 45 military vehicles, and the artillery includes antiaircraft and antitank guns, although the guns no longer fire.

Read the full article here.

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