Book Alert: Panther, Autopsy and Restoration

Amazon is showing a Sept. 2 release date for the new book Panther, Autopsy and Restoration: The Panther Restoration at the Saumur Tank Museum by Jose Duquesne.  Published by Histoire and Collections, this is a 128 page hardcover book.

Publisher’s Description:

The famous French Army tank museum at Saumur hosts the largest and richest collection of German Panzers in the World, and its new Panther is certainly one of the nicest examples of this steel predator. However, who could tell this particular tank is actually the same trophy that had withered for decades in front of the Hôtel des Invalides in Paris, near the banks of the Seine? Part of a pair of such tanks captured in running order by the famous French 2nd Armoured Division late in 1944 in Eastern France, after suffering outdoors for half a century, it has been brought back to its former splendor by a dedicated team from the French Army “Musée des Blindés.” This book tells the story of a famous machine and its metamorphosis from the lifeless shadow of its former self. The long and painstaking in depth restoration is depicted page after page, revealing a wealth of technical information about the innards of the beast. Indeed, amateur historians and modelers alike will discover this famous machine in many different and unique ways.

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