Forces Network: AVRE versus quad bike

Here is a fun story and video from showing a British Army AVRE destroying a quad bike left by by riders illegally trespassing on Salisbury Plain.  Oddly, the title of the piece refers to the new British Army Terrier, although the vehicle in the video is a Trojan ARVE.  Click on the image below to go to the page and view the video.


Forces Network: British Army Terrier Rips Up Quad Bike!

The MoD found a quad bike left by illegal off-roaders on Salisbury Plain, and reacted in the best possible way; by crushing it with a terrier.

Operation Aston, in partnership with Wiltshire Council, will show no mercy when dealing with trespassers on the military training ground.

The 147 square mile area has been described as a ‘hotspot’ for off-road activity

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) tweeted that it had “exercised” its “right to crush it”.

The operation was organised after the MoD said there had been a “massive increase in off-roaders on motorcycles and 4X4 vehicles” intruding on MoD land “which was both dangerous and illegal”.

The area is restricted to the public, with some areas completely cordoned off due to the nature of the activities the army practice there.

To make sure that this was a complete write-off, it gets crushed several times, ensuring it is reduced to scrap.

Perhaps the off-roaders will now think twice before taking a ride on Salisbury Plain!

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