The Chieftain’s Hatch: Range Maths

Over at the World of Tanks website, North American researcher Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran has posted a new article based on some of his archive digging.  Beware, this one features mathmatical formulas.

Article excerpt:

chieftains_hatch_furyThere is an important distinction to be made between data, analysis and information. In the military, it is particularly the case when referring to intelligence. Information coming into the intel office is data. Information being put out by the intel office is intelligence.

This sort of distinction can be applied to anything from operational estimates to mechanical design. In this case, a paper from the Aberdeen Proving Grounds’ Ballistics Research Lab in December 1951 used mathematical principles in order to assess the situations and likelihoods involved in a tank meeting an AP shell. BLUF: If you don’t like maths, just scroll down to the charts starting about half-way down.

The paper was called “The Range and Angular Distribution of AP Hits on Tanks.” Exciting, I know.

It said….

Read the full article here.

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