Photo of the Day: Tank Face-off

This photo was posted on Tank-net a few days ago.  We don’t know for sure, but it looks like a black and white photo that was later colorized.


Photo of the Day: A Sherman in traffic


Photo of the Day: Canadian Sherman Tanks

This POTD is of two Canadian Sherman tanks in the Netherlands during the final year of WWII.  This is a somewhat unusual pairing in that one is a Firefly and the other is a 105mm howitzer equipped Sherman. The crews of both tanks seem to have fully committed to the idea of spare tracks as effective add-on armor.  The Firefly crew has gone so far as to attach what looks like track from a Panzer IV on their turret.  All in all, a very cool photo.

Edit: A reader named “Whelmy” has pointed out that the Canadian “dry pin” track  looks very similar to German style track and could very well be the track around the Firefly turret.  As far as we can tell, the Canadian dry pin track (CDP) was not generally used as track on Canadian Sherman tanks, but was used on Canadian vehicles based on the Grizzly (a Canadian version of the Sherman) such as the Sexton SPG.  CDP was not interchangeable with American style track since it had a narrower pitch, which required a 17 teeth drive sprocket.



Photo of the Day: Syrian Battlewagon

The ongoing conflict in Syria has produced all manner of improvised and unusual armored vehicles.  Here is an example of one of them, which seems to be mounting the turret from a BMP-1 IFV.


Photo of the Day: Priest on a Rampage

Most people would not not consider the M7 Priest to be an anti-aircraft vehicle. However, the M7 in this picture seems to be doing quite a bit of damage against some parked Japanese aircraft. If anyone has more information about the scene in this photo, we would love to hear it.


Photo(s) of the Day: Spanish M60

A few days ago we posted a picture of an M60 MBT equipped with some sort of armor upgrade package.  We asked if anyone could identify this particular M60 variant and several readers left comments stating that this was a Spanish Army upgrade that never went beyond a handful of prototype vehicles.  We thank everyone for chiming in on this . Here are a couple more photos of these particular upgraded M60 tanks.



Photo of the Day: M60 with add-on armor

We found this photo in a forum a few days ago and while we hate to admit it, we don’t know what this is. Obviously these are US built M60 tanks. Since there is only a slot in the add on armor on the right side of the turret, we assume this is an M60A3 (the A3 has the laser range finder in the right side of the turret, whereas the earlier versions use both left and right blisters for the stereoscopic range finder). Other than that, we have to admit we have no idea what this M60 variant may be. Anyone know the answer?