Photo of the Day: BMP with Pipe Armor

While we realize that today’s POTD is not a very high quality picture, it’s such an odd example of homemade armor we felt it worth posting.  We are not certain what happens when the crew try to rotate the turret to the side.  The current conflict in Syria has produced many such oddball improvisations.


Photo of the Day: T-55 versus Bus

This photo comes from a foreign language blog. From what we can gather this image is from the 1968 Soviet occupation of Prague.


Photo of the Day: Marder Medium Tank RI

Here is a picture from IHS Jane’s of the Marder Medium Tank RI presented at Indo Defense 2016 by Rheinmetall Landsysteme of Germany.  This vehicle is a medium tank based on the Marder IFV intended for the Republic of Indonesia.  The concept is somewhat reminiscent of the Argentine TAM tank.  For more details, click here.


Photo of the Day: Destroyed WWI Beutepanzer

This picture recently appeared in the “Dead Iron” thread over at the Tank-net forum.  It’s a colorized photo of a destroyed German WWI Beutepanzer.   Obviously this was originally a British tank, although we are not sure exactly what Mark it is ( we would guess a Mark IV male?).



Photo of the Day: Casting a Tank Hull

This rather dramatic picture is of the manufacturing process of a cast tank hull.  While the photo does not have a caption, we think this is the hull of a Swiss PZ 61 or Pz 68 tank.  If that is correct, then this photo would be of a facility of the George Fischer company of Schaffhausen.



Photo of the Day: Pick a good one for Victory

The POTD is a somewhat amusing one, featuring a young child sitting upon a French H39 tank during the celebration of the liberation of Paris in August of 1944.  This colorized photo comes from the facebook page of 2.světová válka v barvě.


Photo of the Day: Chrysler Sherman Tank Ad

Today the POTD is not actually a photo but rather an old advertisement from Chrysler Corp that appeared in the Feb 1944 issue of Popular Science.  We have a fondness for old ads featuring US tanks, this is a particularly fun one.  This ad is about the M4A4 variant of Sherman tank equipped with the Chrysler A57 multi-bank engine.  The Multi-bank consisted of five 6-cylinder in-line Chrysler engines mounted together to generate a total of 470 horsepower.  The ad is somewhat inaccurate in that the M4A4 was not used by US forces overseas but rather was restricted to training duty or given as lend lease equipment, primarily to the British.


Photo of the Day: M60 Cast Hull at Factory

Here is a cool photo of the hull of a US M60 tank at the factory.  We don’t have any information concerning the details of this photo, but we would guess it was taken inside the Detroit Tank Arsenal operated by Chrysler.



Photo of the Day: Worthington Challenge 2016

This picture comes from an article on the recent Worthington Challenge 2016 in Gagetown New Brunswick. This event featured a variety of skills tests, including direct-fire gunnery of Leopoard 2 MBT’s. More photos and details of the event are available from the Ottawa Citizen.


Photo of the Day: Panther converted into crane

Today’s POTD comes from a comment in a post from the Facebook page WWII Tanks/armored cars.  This image shows the hull of a Panther tank converted into a crane.  We assume this tank was converted from one of the Panther tanks that the French army operated for a few years in the late 1940’s.