Photo of the Day: M3 Grant at Americans in Wartime Museum

The POTD is a M3 Grant from the facebook page of Steve Zaloga who posted a number of photographs from this past weekend’s Americans in Wartime Museum open house in Nokesville, VA.


Photo of the Day: Vitaly Kuzmin Military Blog

We recently came across the Vitaly Kuzmin Military Blog.  For those that like photos of Russian and Soviet armored vehicles, this site is very much worth checking out.  Many high quality pictures here arraigned in well organized categories.  For the POTD, we chose from the blog this picture of the Object 292.





Photo of the Day: Not Quite Right…

Today’s POTD is of a model that someone obviously put a good deal of time and work into. There is just one small problem…


Photo of the Day: Parking Lot

We suspect that the owner of this vehicle never has a problem finding it in a parking lot.



Happy Labor Day!


Have a safe and happy Labor Day everyone.  Regular posting will resume tomorrow.

Photo of the Day: Panther II

Since the other two posts we made today both deal with the Panther tank, we figured we might as well stick with that theme for today’s POTD.  This picture comes from a musty old copy of the book “Tank Data: Aberdeen Proving Grounds Series“.  While the book does not contain a publication date, it appears to be from the 1950’s (our copy is the 1975 reprint edition.)  The book is basically a catalog of the various vehicles at APG at that time, including a full page picture and stats page for each vehicle.  Here is the picture and description of the Panther II that would later be housed for many years at the Patton Museum. Interestingly, the stats are for the Panther Ausf. G “Heavy Tank”, the photo is captioned as “Panzerkampwagen V, modified”.  Granted, the turret on this vehicle is from a Panther Ausf G, so the caption is half right.  Obviously, we would not recommend anyone use the stats from this book as gospel and we are only posting these as an example of how our understanding of these vehicles has improved over time.

Panther modified

Panther Heavy tank




Photo of the Day: Polish PT-16 MBT

Today’s POTD is of the new Polish PT-16 main battle tank.  It is not clear if PT-16 will be the final name for this vehicle, which is most likely intended to be an export item.  You can read more about this vehicle at the Below the Turret Ring blog.


Photo of the Day: Valentine tank

The POTD comes from a new photo gallery “walkaround” posted on the website for The Armor Journal.  This is the Valentine tank on display at the National Army Museum in Waiouru, New Zealand.


Photo of the Day: Christie T3 Medium

Today’s POTD comes from the Flickr page of the website. There are a rather impressive variety of photo galleries containing historic armored vehicle at this Flickr page. Be sure to check it out.


Photo of the Day: Ram Tank testing

This photo shows a WW2 era Canadian Ram tank undergoing armor testing.