Photo of the Day: M5 Stuart

The PotD is a M5 Stuart tank on display in DeKalb, Illinois.  M5 Stuart tanks on display are not all that uncommon, but we decided to point this one out since a recent article noted that this tank, nicknamed “Donna”, is going to get a new paint job.  Hat’s off to everyone in Dekalb who is donating time and money to repaint this historic vehicle.


(Photo source here.)

Picture of the day: Homemade tank

This homemade tank is for sale in Copperopolis CA.  It has a top speed of 8 mph and can shoot a tennis ball 20 feet.  Also, the machine gun barrels sticking through the front hull appear to be German MP40 submachine guns, a rather odd choice all things considered.


Picture of the Day: Tiger Grill

Here is an amusing photo of a summer time grill  disguised as a Tiger tank.  Although, as a friend of the site mentioned, it would be more historically accurate if it was a Panther and the grill was the engine deck.


Photo of the Day

Here we see a T-62 that didn’t quite make it onto a bridge.  Opps.


Photo of the Day: The Turkish man in front of the tank

Three days ago we posted a picture of a Turkish man laying down in front of a Turkish Army Leopard I tank during the failed coup attempt in that country last week.  At the time, we had no information about the man in front of the tank.  We now know, thanks to an article by the Daily Mail, that the man in the photo is  Metin Dogan, a 40 year old medical student.  Those interested can read the Daily Mail piece here. Here is another picture of Metin Dogan refusing to let the tank pass.


Photo of the Day: Tiger with Machine Guns

This photo has been making the rounds at some of the military history forums.  A German WW2 Tiger tank with two captured Soviet machine guns mounted on the rear engine deck.



Photo of the Day

Today’s photo of the day comes from the recent unsuccessful military coup in Turkey.  We are not sure if this photo shows an example of extreme bravery or extreme foolishness.  Perhaps a mix of both.  Regardless, it’s a nice shot of a Turkish army Leopard I tank.


Photo of the Day: Tanks in Central Park

This photo showed up in a thread over at the missing-lynx forum.  It comes from a WW2 US newsreel about a war bonds event in Central Park.  Video here.  A M6 Heavy Tank and a German Tiger!


Photo of the Day: John Deere “Tractor Tank”


This reproduction of a WWII era John Deere “Tractor Tank” was built by Brian Anderson and Leo Milleman of Ames, Iowa.  These vehicles were proposed by John Deere in 1940 as a low cost armored vehicle.  Prototypes were tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and rejected, then scrapped back at the factory.  For more on this rather unusual AFV, click here.


Photo of the Day: Panzer “Replica”

We don’t have any information about this rather unconvincing Panzer replica other than it showed up in some Russian language forums.