Photo of the Day: Battleship USS Ordnance

Today’s POTD comes from the facebook page of Steven Zaloga.  He describes this picture as:

The “Battleship USS Ordnance” in Chesapeake Bay in the early 1920s. Some wise guys at Aberdeen Proving Ground decorated a SP Mk. I 8 inch howitzer during wading trials in Chesapeake Bay with fake masts and an anchor.


Photo of the Day: Panzer Dummy

Today’s POTD is of a German 1939 dummy panzer that was recently auctioned off on E-bay.  Source.


Photo of the Day: Ukraine to develop new IFV

Today’s POTD comes from Defense Blog and shows a model of an IFV with is supposedly under development in Ukraine.  Click here to view the Defense Blog article.


Photo of the Day: New Buildings at Kubinka

Today’s POTD comes from the live journal account of Russian tank researcher Yuri Pasholok.  From what we can gather from the computer generated translation of his blog, vehicles are being moved to new buildings which are currently being constructed as part of Patriot Park.   Visitors to Kubinka will be happy to hear that these new buildings will have both air conditioning and heat!



Photo of the Day: Russian Slat Armor

From Jane’s IHS come this photo of a new slat armor system developed by the Russian defense industry for the BTR-80 APC.  Photo source here.


Photo of the Day: Cupola Madness!

How many cupolas can you fit on a BMP?  Well, in Ukraine the answer is eight.  This photo from a Russian language Live Journal page came to our attention via the forum.  Apparently this is a training vehicle which allows for the instruction of eight BMP squad commanders at once.


Photo of the Day: Aberdeen Proving Grounds 1950

We had found this photo as part of an article in a 1950 LIFE magazine about tank testing at the US Army Proving Grounds at Aberdeen Maryland.  The photo shows an M4A3E8 “Easy Eight” Sherman, a M26 Pershing, a M46 Patton, and most interestingly, a fairly early model Soviet T-34.

US tries to catch up

Over at, a member by the name of “Whelm” posted a higher resolution of the photo which we have posted below along with a second picture of these vehicles.


Photo of the Day: Eitan

Today’s photo is of the recently declassified Israeli Eitan 8×8 APC.


Photo of the Day: Jagdpanthers in a field

This photo comes from the photobucket account of David Reay.  This is a post-war picture of some destroyed Jagdpanthers at the town of Domaine Butgenbach.

Dom Butgenbach Jagpanthers 46_zps9l2clbwj


Photo of the Day: KV-2

A destroyed Russian KV-2.  We don’t have a date for this picture but it’s probably safe to assume this picture was taken in 1941 during Operation Barbarossa.  One can only imagine the power of the explosion that could toss such a heavy turret upside down.

KV-2 KO_1