Marine AAVP-7 to get upgrades

AAV7According to the Marine Corps Times, the AAVP-7 (Assault Amphibious Vehicle) is slated to receive upgrades to add 20 years of service life to the vehicle.  The primary focus of the upgrade is survivability, including the replacement of the Enhanced Applique Armor Kit with 49 buoyant, flat ceramic panels: 23 on the front and sides, and 26 thinner panels on the top. According to the article, each panel has four attach points and can be lifted by two Marines. Full assembly takes about 90 minutes. In addition, an aluminum armor underbelly provides MRAP-equivalent blast protection, along with a bonded spall liner  armor-protected external fuel tanks, and AAV7 interiorindividual seats replacing benches.   The increased weight (10,000 pounds) will be offset by a new, more powerful VT903 engine that boosts horsepower from 525 to 675, as well as a new power take-off unit and KDS transmission.  SAIC is handling the upgrades, which run $1.65 million per vehicle. The Corps looks to beef up 392 personnel variants, which would provide lift for four infantry battalions.

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