Photo of the Day: AMPV

Here is a picture of the AMPV (Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle) by BAE on display at last week’s AUSA show.  Twenty nine of these vehicles are slated for delivery to the US Army for testing by December.  The Army has a requirement for 2,907 of these vehicles to replace the aging M113 and M113 based vehicles in its inventory.



BAE Systems next-gen Bradley demonstrator at AUSA

BAE systems is showcasing a next-generation Bradley IFV demonstrator at AUSA 2016.  According to IHS Jane’s 360:

The platform takes the hull structure from the BAE Systems’ Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) programme and integrates many legacy Bradley components as well as some new designs, Deepak Bazaz, BAE Systems’ director of artillery and Bradley programmes, told reporters on 3 October at the Association of the US Army (AUSA) annual symposium.

The idea is to bridge a gap between engineering change proposals (ECPs) that are underway to upgrade the Bradley fleet, to a conceptual future fighting vehicle (FFV) that the army hopes could eventually replace the fleet in the 2030s or beyond.

Video interview about AMPV Program and Future Bradley from Defense & Aerospace Report:


Here are a couple pictures, taken from

Armored Vehicles see big boost in 2016 US budget

Breaking is reporting that tanks and armored vehicles are getting a significant boost in the army budget.  The list five vehicles that will see significant funding increases in the 2016 request. Below are the items receiving funding increases with the benefiting company listed in parenthesis.

  • $368 million for upgrades to the M1 Abrams tank, up 50 percent from $237 million in fiscal 2015. (General Dynamics)
  • $225 million for upgrades to the M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle up 65 percent from $136 million in ’15. (BAE)
  • $230 million to begin detailed design of the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV), a turretless support variant of the Bradley, up 150 percent from $92 million. (BAE)
  • $152 million to further refine the upgraded M109 Paladin howitzer (Paladin Integrated Management or PIM) —  up 90 percent from $80 million. (BAE)
  • $308 million to buy 450 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV)  up 86 percent from $165 million. (undecided, the three candidates are Lockheed Martin, AM General, and Oshkosh.)