Videos: Forgotten Weapons

Readers that are into firearms are probably already familiar with the youtube channel Forgotten Weapons.  Host Ian McCollum has examined hundreds of rare and unusual firearms in the videos of this channel, providing high quality information and analysis.  That said, as much as we like his work, firearms are outside the theme of the this site.  However, he occasionally looks at an anti-tank rifle, which is close enough to our subject matter to warrant posting here at Tank and AFV News.  Here are a collection of videos examining various anti-tank rifles and a few examples of anti-tank artillery.

Winchester-Williams WWII .50 BMG Antitank Rifle

Granatbuchse GrB-39 Antitank Rifle

Panzerbüchse 39 German Anti-Tank Rifle

Boys Anti-Tank Rifle

1918 German Tank Gewehr

Cannons and Artillery (several videos in one playlist)