Terrier CEV in the News


(EMBARGO 00.01 12th February) Terrier combat vehicle upgraded with new innovations - 11 Feb 2016Several news outlets have run articles in the past couple days about the British Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle.  The articles have focused on the introduction of a new telescopic investigation arm for the vehicle as well as it’s nickname of “Swiss army knife.”  As is typical with mainstream news articles about AFVs, they Terrier is repeatedly referred to as a “tank” and a fair amount of hyperbole is used to describe the vehicle.  An article from The Telegraph is fairly benign, aside from comparing the Terrier to a ‘Transformer.”  New York Post claims that the Terrier “has more gadgets than the Batmobile.”    The Daily Mail clearly fails to understand the role of a CEV, stating that the Terrier is “Capable of…causing wanton destruction in it’s wake, the British Army’s new battle tank looks like the stuff of Hollywood action films.” However, the award for most sensationalist reporting on the Terrier goes to Huffington Post UK for their headline “Terrier Vehicle Is The British Army’s Latest Terrifying Toy (But Where Will They Use Them?)

For a more sober  description of the Terrier, there is a video featuring Christopher Foss of IHS Janes describing the Terrier circa 2014.


Here is a video from October of last year showing some Terrier CEVs in the field.


And lastly, here is a video on the Terrier made by the manufacturer, BAE.