LAAD 2015 News Links

858da7ceToday wraps up the LAAD Defense and Security International Exhibition 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Below is a list of links to news stories related to armored fighting vehicles on display at LAAD.

IHS Jane’s 360 – LAAD 2015: Ares looks to enhance lethality of Brazil’s Guaranis

IHS Jane’s 360 – LAAD 2015: Brazilian Army remains steadfast on its strategic projects

IHS Jane’s 360 – LAAD 2015: BAE’s Brazilian M113 upgrades provide springboard for further AFV work

Shepard – LAAD 2015: Brazil-made Gladiador II makes first appearance

Shepard – LAAD 2015: Brazilian M113 modernisation nears completion

Shepard – LAAD 2015: ST Kinetics Brazil subsidiary makes debut

Defense Update – LAAD 2015: Expanding Brazil’s wheeled armored vehicle family

Brazil police raid warehouse, find two tanks!

brazil tank M41CThe Guardian is reporting that police in Sao Paulo Brazil recovered two tanks while conducting a raid for stolen goods.  The vehicles were found stored in a warehouse in Sacoma, a low-income district in Sao Paulo, along with 500 TV sets, car body parts and a recently stolen semitrailer truck.  Army officers stated that the two tanks did not belong to the army and that the vehicle’s origins would be investigated.  The Guardian article notes that officials did not say what sort of tanks they were or how old they might be, although they do note that the vehicles lacked engines.  The image included with the article clearly shows an M41 Walker Bulldog light tank.  This vehicle, produced by the US in the early 1950s, 300 of which were supplied to Brazil.  Brazil no longer uses the vehicle, and a certain number of them were sold to Uruguay.   The vehicle in the picture may be a M41C, a variant created by the Brazilian military with an upgraded main gun, diesel engine, additional armor and smoke grenade dischargers.