Book Alert: British Armoured Formations 1939 – 1945, A Bibliography

For those interested in the history of British Armor during WW2, please consider this very useful reference book by John A. Smith, British Armoured Formations 1939 – 1945, A Biography:  Annotated and Illustrated, Incorporating Armoured Regiments, Brigades and Divisions in Service During World War Two.  According to the author, this work  provides a listing for each armored regiment, brigade and division, and includes not only the standard histories but also the private regimental publications, the memoirs and biographies of veterans, plus a summary of each unit’s journals/newspapers/etc. There is also a color illustration section that shows some of the rarer titles listed in the book.  There is also a notes section for each book with the authors observations on the content, including awards and honors, print run numbers where established, guidance on the quantity of content relevant to WWII, and more.

For a sample of the book, go to the author’s website  Aside from the sample pages, there is an order page for those wishing to purchase a copy, as well as a page listing other books on British Armor that the author has available for sale from his personal collection.

British Armored formations