M1 Abrams seen with Shia Militia

Multiple news sources are reporting on a recently released video which shows an M1 Abrams tank in the hands of Kata’ib Sayyid al Shuhada (KSS), an Iranian-backed Shia militia which operates in both Syria and Iraq.  This is not the first time that an M1 Abrams has ended up in a video or photo put out by a Shiite militia.  According to the blog Threat Matrix:

The Hezbollah Brigades, a US-designated foreign terrorist organization, showed an Abrams flying the Hezbollah Brigades flag earlier last year. Additionally, the group has also published two videos from Iraq’s Anbar province in which several US-made vehicles are used by its forces.

The Badr Organization, another Iranian-backed Shiite militia, has also publicized photos showing its forces in possession of an Abrams. These photos showed the militia with the tank, and at least one US AT-4 anti-tank rocket, near Saqlawiyah in Anbar last year.

The Abrams tank appears at the 16 second mark in the video.