Video: The Chieftain on Irish Armored Vehicles

Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran of World of Tanks talks on camera about the history of Irish armored vehicles.

Book Alert: A34 Comet Tank A Technical History

Earlier this month British tank researcher P.M. Knight published his new book A34 Comet Tank A Technical History on Lulu.  This book follows his previous works on British Cruiser tanks such as the Covenanter, Crusader and the Challenger.  This is a softcover book of 240 pages with black and white illustrations.

Publisher’s Description:

The A34 Comet was the ultimate iteration of the Cruiser series of fast, mobile tanks, and built on the hard lessons that had been learned with earlier designs. However, it was also brought into being at a time when British industrial capacity was nearing exhaustion, and when officialdom already had one eye on the transition to more profitable peacetime production. As such, the Comet saga was one of the husbanding of the scarce, and declining, resources available to the tank programme against the backdrop of a conflict whose end was already in sight. As this book demonstrates in depth, the result was a well-balanced design that optimised the possibilities presented by the previous Cruisers. However, it would be outshone by its ubiquitous successor, the A41 Centurion.

Video: A34 Comet MK1A Celerity Tank restoration

This video recently appeared on youtube showing a series of still images chronicling the restoration of a Comet tank named “Celerity.”  The Restoration was carried out by the Dutch company BAIV B.V.  More photos and video of this vehicle are available on the BAIV BV website here.

Video of the Day: “Latest Tanks on Show “

An old British newsreel showing a demonstration of British post-WW2 armor.  tanks featured include the 33-ton Comet,  Centurions, the 20 ton Charioteer, the US Pershing tank and the Caernarvon.