From the Vault: Ogorkiewicz on Tank Test Beds

thumbnail picToday we present an article by noted tank expert Richard Ogorkiewicz from the mar-apr 1984 issue of ARMOR on the topic of tank test beds.  This article includes information on some of the experimental tank concepts being looked at in that time period, including mention of the British COMRES 75, the Krupp-MAK VT-1 and the UDES XX 20.  It is somewhat amusing to note the first sentence of the article, “Although the M1 tank is still in the early stages of its production program, it is not too early to think of its successor.”  Thirty one years since this article was written and a replacement for the Abrams is still far off in the distance.  It’s fair to say that the end of the cold war certainly put a damper on new vehicle development to a degree that writers of the time did not expect.