Zaloga on the Culin hedgerow cutter

hedge3Over at the website, there is an article by Steven Zaloga titled “Normandy legends: the Culin hedgerow cutter.”  For those that are familiar with the history of tank combat in Normandy, the Culin hedgerow cutter is a well known story.  Zaloga casts a critical eye on the familiar story of the hedgerow cutter, concluding that the importance of the hedgerow cutter equipped “Rhino” tanks in the Normandy campaign is most likely exaggerated.


Popular histories of modern wars inevitably simplify events and create myths and legends. The campaign in Normandy has created more than most, especially in view of the numerous television documentaries on this theme. For example, it is difficult to find an account of the breakout from Normandy that does not include reference to the Culin hedgerow cutter. My own recent account Campaign 88: Operation Cobra 1944 mentions it, of course. Another recent study calls it a myth. So it is worth taking a more detailed look to see how big a role it actually played in the battle.

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