From the Vault: Merkava Mk.3 article from ARMOR

Today we present another article from ARMOR, this one from the May-June 2000 issue.  This article is titled “The Merkava Mk.3 Defies its Critics” by David Eshel.  Eshel is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the IDF and wrote several articles for ARMOR, a few of which focused on the Merkava.  Last month we posted an article by Eshel on the Merkava Mk.4.   Back in April we posted an ARMOR article on the Merkava Mk.2 by Richard Ogorkiewicz.

From the Vault: ARMOR Magazine article on Merkava 4

Today we present an article by Lt. Col David Eshel from the Jan-Feb 2003 issue of ARMOR on the Merkava 4.

From the Vault: An Israeli view on Soviet tanks

Today we present another article from ARMOR, the official journal of the armor branch.  This piece is an evaluation of Soviet tanks by Lieutenant Colonel David Eshel of the Isaeli Defense Forces and it appeared in the May-Jun 1988 issue.  In this article, the author focuses primarily on the T54/55 and the T62, since both of these vehicles were captured in large numbers by the IDF and pressed into service.  Col. Eshel notes the many modifications that the IDF made to these vehicles as well as listing some of the problems they encountered with the Soviet designs.  While Eshel makes many critical comments about these vehicles, he ends the piece with the following remarks:

In short, Israeli experience in tank combat reveals shortcomings in Soviet tank designs. However, Soviet tanks are, in principle, excellent fighting machines, combat proven and viable under field conditions.  If manned by determined and highly-trained crews, they can be a most dangerous and deadly opponent.