The Great War youtube channel: Evolution Of British Battle Tanks In WW1

Here is a new video from The Great War youtube channel on the evolution of British tanks in WWI featuring Bovington Tank Museum curator David Willey.

Tank Chats #36 Tiger 131

David Willey, curator of the Tank Museum at Bovington takes a look at Tiger 131.

Book Alert: Tanks: 100 Years of Armoured Warfare

Amazon is listing an October 4 release for a new book covering a century of tank history. Written by David Willey (curator of the Bovington Tank Museum) and Robin Cross, Tanks: 100 Years of Armoured Warfare is a 132 page hardcover volume. Included in the book are 20 removable recreations of archival documents. Based upon the sample images provided, this book contains many photographs and charts. This looks like a very handsome product, probably best suited for those looking to learn the basics of tank development.

Publisher’s Description.

A century of the weapon that changed modern warfare.
In 1916, for the very first time, the tank entered the military arsenals at a small engagement on the Somme. And despite its shortcomings, it altered the course of World War I. Tanks charts the weapon’s first century, from its early stumbling attempts to the lethal killing machines of today: the technical developments, the various types and models, the tacticians who used it best, and the famous battles where they played a role. The book also contains 20 removable documents from the archives of the museum, including diaries from tank soldiers, blueprints, instruction manuals, and handbooks.

Tank Chats #17 Tiger I

From the Tank Museum Youtube channel:

David Willey, The Tank Museum Curator and co-author of the Tiger Tank Owner’s Workshop Manual, presents this Tank Chat on the subject of the most famous tank in the Bovington collection- and perhaps the world – the German Tiger Tank from World War Two. Don’t miss Tiger Day on 30 April – for more information visit

Tank Chats #15 Tortoise

From the Tank Museum at Bovington comes another installment of the Tank Chats video series.  This episode is hosted by museum curator David Willey rather than regular host David Fletcher.