The AMX 38

AMX 38For the Record has provided a translation of the live journal page of tank researcher Yuri Pasholok describing the French AMX 38 tank.  The AMX 38 was essentially a footnote in the story of French pre-war tank design, never getting past the prototype stage.  The vehicle was intended to be a slightly larger version of the typical French two man infantry tanks of the period. In general, French tanks have received far less coverage in English language publications than other vehicles of World War II.  This article provides far more detail than what is currently out there in print form regarding the AMX 38.  Steven Zaloga’s New Vanguard 209 French Tanks of World War II makes only a brief mention of the AMX 38.  The much older book AFV Weapons profile 58 by Bingham devotes a short paragraph to the AMX 38.

Read the full article over at For the Record.

Valentine IX Trails in the USSR

valentine-9-1For the Record has an interesting post translating information on the Valentine infantry tank in Soviet service provided by Russian researcher Yuri Pasholok.  The post relates the results of Soviet testing at Kubinka in March of 1943 of a Valentine IX tank.  The IX variant was equipped with a larger turret and 57mm 6 pounder gun as compared to earlier versions of the vehicle which had the 2 pounder gun.  The report concludes that the Soviets were less than enthusiastic about this varient of the tank due to the lack of an HE round for the main gun and lack of coaxial machine gun.  The test results can be viewed at the Archive Awareness website.

“For the Record” article on A28 “Infantry Cromwell”

A28 infantry tankOver at For the Record there is write up by contributor “Okinoshima” about the British A28 “Infantry Cromwell.”  This was a concept for an infantry tank based on the Cromwell A27 cruiser tank that never progressed past the paper stage.  Only one drawing of the proposed vehicle is known to exist.  The full article can be read here.

T-39 Soviet Super-heavy Breakthrough Tank

evo5qphOver at For the Record, they are reporting on a recent Yuri Pasholok livejournal post describing the T-39 Super Heavy Tank proposal.  These drawings are from 1933 and were created by the Kirov plant special design bureau under the leadership of N.V. Barykov.  The project only got as far as wooden models before being cancelled.  “Ensign Expendable” has written a more detailed description of the vehicle here.