Tank Fest Photo Gallery

Photographer Dave Layland was able to attend the recent Tank Fest event at the Tank Museum at Bovington and snapped some photos for us.  We have posted them below in a slideshow for those that want to give them a look.


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Video: Restoration of M4A4 used in Fury film

Part 2 of a video showing footage of the restoration of an M4A4 which was used in the filming of “Fury” has been posted on youtube recently.  The hull of this tank was purchased in 2012 by Hughes Movie Supplies at an auction in France.  For the scene in which the Tiger tank destroys several Sherman tanks, this hull was fitted with a fiberglass turret and used as a stand-in for Lucie Sue.  After filming was complete, Hughes Movie Supplies started a restoration project on this hull.


Behind the scenes “Fury” pictures

BaAy5FhIcAAH0TZWar history Online has posted a gallery of production pictures from the film “Fury.”  These pictures may be of interest to those curious how the film was shot.  Several of the images show the reproduction interior that was created for filming the scenes that take place inside the tank.  There are also some pictures of Tiger 131.  One of the more unusual pictures shows the rear end of what looks like a reproduction of the “Fury” M4A3E8 based on the hull of a more modern tracked chassis.